December 2, 2012

life has been like fog

'twas a foggy friday evening on the 30th of November when we ran to the golf course planning to ride boogie boards down wet grassy hills, hoping we'd order pizza and watch a few movies after that. the leftover rain on the grass was drying up fast and we knew that plan was over.

while returning to the house we stepped in some mud with our bare feet. we were all just rinsing off when suddenly, what I was avoiding for four whole years, happened. my left knee dislocated for the 5th time and I fell to the ground screaming in pain. at least I get to keep my little hospital tag as a souvenir, eh?

I'm unable to put any kind of pressure on my left leg, which is really frustrating because I'm an avid runner. however, the christmas movies and loads of soft blankets my mom bought have been making me feel a bit better. meanwhile, my cat has been the only visitor I've gotten in the past 3 days; hopefully my friends are having much more fun spending time outdoors and flaunting how nice the weather is (sarcasm's my best friend).

unable to go to school during the rainstorms because my crutches will slip, 
unable to go christmas shopping, 
unable to run for time trials in track on Tuesday, 
unable to sleep comfortably, 
and unable to wash my hair, 
I'd say life has been like fog lately. it looks a bit dangerous inside but the further you go, the clearer it eventually becomes. I'm just waiting for things to clear up soon. 

something good has to eventually come out of this, right? as much as this sucks, to be clear, I feel like this definitely happened for a reason, and after being revisited by that dislocating pain, this reason better be really important.